Run ★★★★

2020 Ranked

“You need me.”

A tense and gripping thriller from the outset. After this and Searching, Aneesh Chaganty is certainly a director to look out for. It’s well plotted and paced, creating a sense of tension throughout, even managing to provide a satisfying finale that’s as nail biting as the rest of the film. 

It starts off fairly slow. Introducing us to Diane, the mother to Chloe, who suffers from disabilities, leading to her mother homeschooling and caring for her 24/7. When Chloe discovers some details to her medication that don’t add up, she starts to unravel a mystery around her mother. Once the plot starts to unfold though it becomes something much more. A tense psychological thriller, with plenty of surprises along the way. Some of the turns to the story are a little predictable but it doesn’t stop that air of tension that Chaganty manages to make you feel throughout. 

Sarah Paulson absolutely steals the show, creating a brilliant character. She seems like the perfect mother, likeable if overbearing to her daughter. The way she slowly becomes darker and more sinister as the film moves along is brilliant and every scene she’s in she’s pitch perfect. Keira Allen too is great, someone I’ve not seen before, but she proves to stand up just as well as Paulson. The innocence and likability slowly becoming fear and terror as the movie goes along. 

It’s a great thriller, well plotted and crafted. But it’s the two lead performances that really lift this up to something more. Tense and gripping, I highly recommend.

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