The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★

2019 Ranked 

Scavenger Hunt 56

“Keeping secrets, are you?”

Never in my life did I think I’d see a Willem Dafoe fart gag, but alas, this has at least 5. 

I’m not completely sure what to make of the movie, I know I enjoyed it it I feel it deserves a rewatch to see all the complexities to the narrative. 

It’s shot beautifully, every scene has so much to look at and the black and white aesthetic really helps with the tone and overall creepiness of the entire piece. Even the more mundane moments that otherwise could have been dull or rather lacklustre are elevated by the way the movie is shot and coloured. The ominous sound of the fog horn throughout helps keep every scene feeling tense and spooky. 

Dafoe and Pattinson are fantastic in every moment. Their chemistry really believable in the moments they are friends, and the scenes of their slow descent into madness is especially scary and odd. The pieces of each of their backstory revealed slowly and through slight moments. It’s a very slow build, and stays pretty slow throughout, ramping up the tension slowly. It’s a testament to the two actors that share literally the entire runtime and it’s never once dull or boring. 

Overall; it’s a movie with a lot going, and I am sure on rewatch it’s something I’ll enjoy even more. But right now, it’s a weird, enjoyable and rather atmospheric piece of cinema that is sure to keep people talking.

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