The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things ★★★

2021 Ranked 

“Are you experiencing any kind of 
temporal anomaly in your life?”

It’s easy to compare this to last years Palm Springs, a more teenage orientated look at a time loop featuring two characters both going through the same day together over and over together. This movie takes a slightly more dramatic and emotional route to its narrative. It’s got it’s fair share of charm and quirkiness but it perhaps doesn’t feel wholly original. 

The story involves Mark, a 17 year old seemingly quite content in reliving the same day until he meets Margaret, also stuck in the same time loop. Most of the film details their blossoming friendship and romance in a rather predictable way, with them trying to find the perfect moments that occur each time the loop resets. The romance and comedy angle is fine, if playing it safe somewhat but it does have its
charms and some small laughs. What I did think worked was the latter half. Which deals with loss and moving on. 

Kyle Allen and Kathryn Newton are both great as our leads. They’re both charming and likeable, having a few fun back and forths in their dialogue with each other. While their romance isn’t the most original or well written, the two really manage to sell all their scenes together to help cement the emotional connection. It really helps that the two of them have so much chemistry together that it makes all their scenes at least entertaining to watch.

It’s not particularly original with the way it lays out its narrative and characters but it doesn’t stop it from having plenty of charm. It’s a fun little teenage romance comedy that I’ll probably revisit in the future.

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