Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★★

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“No. I used to spin it really fast, and it would pull me off the…”
“Oh, my God. A hammer pulled you off?”

Still one of the most fun marvel movies, and from the instant it starts it feels like a taika movie. It’s one of the funniest MCU movies, so many jokes actually land in this one and don’t feel forced or awkward. The humour however is a strength and a weakness, it sometimes can overtake the emotion scale of the story and feel like there’s too many punchlines to certain events that should feel more emotional. 

As soon as the movie starts Chris Hemsworth is so likeable once again as Thor, he really shines here, feeling like he’s totally got a grasp of this new direction his character is taken in. Thor goes from being one of the more boring and plain avengers to the most likeable and fun in the span of this movie, as well as getting a somewhat interesting character arc. 

Hela is fine, Cate Blanchett does a good job as her, even if she feels like a slightly generic villain. It’s a shame she doesn’t get a little more to do other than generic villainous plotting and speeches about being evil. Maybe the film should have focused on the grandmaster, absolutely brilliantly played by Jeff Goldblum, every scene he’s in is instantly funny. Tessa Thompson and Mark Ruffalo kill everyone scene their in, both having so much chemistry with Chris Hemsworth. Some of their scenes together are the best parts of the MCU, so funny. 

This film was clearly influenced by the guardians films, there more emphasis on bright colours, aliens and worlds than the previous earth bound Thor, and it works so much better for it. Allowing Thor to be not the most powerful being through a lot of this also helps with his arc and likability. It all looks amazing, the drab grey colours of a lot of MCU movies totally missing in this one. Great set designs and character designs. There’s some really fun action and moments with the characters, and sure it falls into the usual overblown finale and generic villain, but it’s easily Thor’s best outing and a really great action comedy flick.

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