Grounded: Making The Last of Us

Grounded: Making The Last of Us ★★★★★

I know this is a film website but there is literally no one I won't recommend that they play The Last of Us. It is an amazing video game, quite possibly my favorite video game of all time. So when I found out there was a documentary about the making of this game I had to watch it.

First off, a disclaimer: If you haven't played the game this documentary spoils everything. You will also have much more of an appreciation for Naughty Dog if you play the game before watching this documentary.

All told, this is an amazing documentary and I really commend the film-makers. They follow Naughty Dog through the last bit of making the game and dig deep to find everything that went into making it. I learned so much about the video game process and gained even more respect for Naughty Dog and the extremely high level of quality that they continue to display in all of their video game releases.

If you like documentaries I would definitely recommend this to you as long as you realize that without playing the game the full effect of the documentary could be lost.