Midsommar ★★★★½

Midsommar follows Dani (played by Florence Pugh) after she suffers a tragedy, she tags along with her boyfriend and friends to a commune in Sweden and as time goes on, things get weird. 

Midsommar fucked me up. The opening scene that showcases Dani’s personal tragedy, really sets up for how you’re going to feel the rest of the movie. It’s no spoiler that this commune is actually a cult, and Ari Aster perfectly showcases how you can get caught up in a seemingly innocent and definitely intriguing situation and don’t realize what’s happening before it’s too late. 

The film as a whole is extremely beautiful to look at. The use of bright colors and full on sun for 95% of the film was incredible. Since most horror films are primarily at night, it’s a nice and absolutely gorgeous change of scenery. My eyes were constantly glued to the screen looking at everything. There are some scenes where Ari takes advantage of this and starts to fuck with your head and show things happening in the background that makes you feel like you just did a bag of shrooms. 

Grief once again plays a major role in this and gives you another look at how it affects everyone after. Relationships, friendships, the decisions you eventually make. It completely changes your life and your worldview, which he depicts in such a horrifying way. The main character Dani...I mean...you also just want to give her a hug throughout the entire thing. To me her acting job was just as good as Collette in Herediatry. 

While Hereditary is no doubt the scarier film of the two, I can’t help but feel that Midsommar is the better film in general. To me, Hereditary was pure horror engulfed in grief and trying to find anyway to fix their situation and dig deeper into what happens when a family is torn apart, while in Midsommar is a straight up folk cult horror/thriller movie that is drived by the main characters grief. Especially towards the end. 

This one is going to be ruined by hype for some people or they are going to want a carbon copy or Hereditary. 

Midsommar is its very own , specific film and the only common theme between the two is grief and disability. Please go see this movie and think of it more as a much more fucked up Wicker Man. 

4.5/5 Bears 🐻

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