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  • Spencer



    That’s cinema, baby!

    Finally, a film that evokes some emotions in me at this year’s festival.
    My girl KStew better get that Oscar. And prison for everyone at Chanel who thought that was an appropriate red carpet outfit. 

    The score was everything! 

    Yes, it might be a little overdramatic. But that’s cinema, baby. I loved that they didn’t go for an historically accurate depiction of events. They gave us a somewhat happy end. 
    And that cinematography was gorgeous. 

    My girl…

  • Happening



    It’s weird to be euphoric for an uncomfortable, painful film. But it’s just staggering. Poignant.
    It left me breathless, with knots in my stomach. Cinema is supposed to evoke emotions. This film achieved that, not many did so far at Venice. And with what’s happening in Texas, this film feels pressing.