Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★

a spectre is haunting Marvel -- the spectre of Tony Stark.

please, no more billion dollar trust fund baby supercop version of Spider-Man, i beg of you. when Spider-Man has his Save The Cat mandated "dark night of the soul" moment in this film he summons a Superjet and uses a Super AI to craft himself a Supersuit. why care at that point? the character is no longer perpetual underdog Peter Parker, he is a child more powerful than God. the world doesn't need another IRON MAN, it needs a first SPIDER-MAN! FAR FROM HOME'S inability to understand that is its fatal flaw.

quick hits: Zendaya & Gyllenhaal innocent; Night Monkey is a funny bit; Happy as a sort of goofy step-dad to Peter is cute but it's weird that the MCU keeps trying to shove surrogate fathers on him - he had a surrogate father, Uncle Ben, whose words hang over Peter's head literally every day (the film refusing to acknowledge Ben outside of some initials on a briefcase is baffling); only one action scene here is visually engaging, but as soon as its cartoonishly thrilling abstraction ends and the movie cuts to some drab gray concrete warehouse you might wanna bolt home to just watch an actual cartoon; i almost fired up The Big Cigar right there in the theater during the mid-credits scene

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