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  • The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

    The Texas Chain Saw Massacre


    This is what happens when a filmmaker subverts an entire genre -- not simply for the sake of subverting it -- but because the financial limitations and his sheer creativity make him do so; thus creating a film wherein the subversion of established norms isn't contrived, smug, and self-congratulatory -- but natural, earned, and truly iconic.

  • Lux Æterna

    Lux Æterna

    A glimpse into the reality of the film industry. Holds a lot of truth in regard to the spoiled brats that infest the film industry. We meet characters who are in the middle of a stressful film shoot, and they're all aptly characterized: egotistical brats, incessantly whining for every little thing, each one more insufferable and self-centered than the last, and it's all for the sake of "art", for a stupid film that probably won't even make it's money back,…

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  • Booksmart


    Coming-of-age narcissism and vacuous hedonism are the main desires of Amy and Molly -- the two main leads -- who seek out a single night of hedonistic rebellion against the will of their school's presumed core values. This attitude stems from two popular abbreviations: F.O.M.O (Fear of Missing Out), and Y.O.LO (You Only Live Once), which are the cultural fears that are typically ignited within teenagers and young adults, who, instead of indulging in incessant partying every weekend or so…

  • The Strange Thing About the Johnsons

    The Strange Thing About the Johnsons

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Perverted, but, unfortunately, the perversion is never justified. A superficial exploration of a homosexual Oedipal complex, which seeks to enhance emnity, under the guise of (obvious) disingenuous empathy. It seems as though Aster didn't care enough to give his Oedipal character any reason to be the way he is, other than his passionate, albeit perverse love for his father, but there's never any hint of genuine depth, as Aster opts for obfuscating his lack of insight and Wikipedia-definition of the…