When They See Us

When They See Us ★★★★½

I’m lost for words. This was very tough. Many feelings run through my mind, particularly pain, sadness, helplessness, and a lot of anger towards what happened with those kids. There is no question that the system is rotten. I cannot understand how it is possible that some things are so fucking unfair.

I felt so disgusted to see how those so-called policemen, prosecutors, and detectives forced kids to do statements based on lies. Those people lost all sense of humanity, they were consumed by hatred, by racism, by prejudice, by intolerance just for the sake of ruin lives. They never cared about justice, they just wanted to close their case to be called heroes. I can't explain how someone could sleep after doing something that unfair, how someone could look itself in the mirror and not hate his reflection knowing that you destroy the life of another human being.

It leaves me stunned that another convict showed more compassion than the authority who supposedly is the one who fights for justice. This is an incredible mini-series, a very important one, a necessary one. Thank you Ava DuVernay for showing this case and holding nothing back.

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