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  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  • Lawrence of Arabia
  • Cinema Paradiso
  • Raiders of the Lost Ark

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  • A Clockwork Orange


  • Pulp Fiction


  • Contagion


  • Mank


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  • A Clockwork Orange

    A Clockwork Orange


    Diego's Favorite Films: Installment #5

    If/when I get deeper into this list, you will probably notice a pattern of sorts emerging. Two directors-- Stanley Kubrick and Akira Kurosawa-- will together make up about 10% of the movies I include. In my personal opinion, these are the two greatest directors of all time. They also approach their art with entirely different strategies-- Kurosawa generally sets his stories in the same era, focusing intently on deep characterization and raw emotion, whereas Kubrick…

  • Pulp Fiction

    Pulp Fiction


    Diego's Favorite Films: Installment #4

    To be honest, I was procrastinating on posting this entry because... well, I frankly don't have much to say about Pulp Fiction that hasn't already been said. It's smartly written, smartly directed, and well-acted. While thinking about this film, I'm realizing just how little its story actually matters. By far the most memorable parts are the conversations, which stitch together scenes with smooth transitions and thematic callbacks. Tarantino's dialogue is among the best ever written,…

Popular reviews

  • Love Actually

    Love Actually


    Imagine what it feels like for a friend or a family member to recommend Love Actually to you. You've known this person for years, and you respect their opinion, so you order this... thing... from Netflix as soon as possible. It arrives. You place it in your DVD player, hit play, and start watching.

    At first, you think it's a joke. No way could this have been a serious recommendation, right? Nobody in their right mind could enjoy this schmaltzy…

  • Beauty and the Beast

    Beauty and the Beast


    Tale as old as time
    Told twelve times before
    Now we're strapped for cash
    Time for a rehash
    Remake it once more

    Always just the same
    Never a surprise
    Always as before
    And ever just as sure
    As the sun will rise

    Just a little change
    Small to say the least
    So that they can say
    It had to be remade
    Beauty and the Beast