Da 5 Bloods

Bloods don't die. They multiply.

The kind of huge swing that could only be achieved by an artist at the height of their powers like Spike Lee. From the gorgeous narrative framing decisions to the immeasurable strength of performances from Delroy Lindo and the late-great Chadwick Boseman, this feels like one of those films that will be taken for granted. An angry, exhausted picture about the aftermath of an imperialist conquest, the wounds of a country that still has to watch its steps thanks to white colonialists, the weight of war on black soldiers, and their amplified by a nation that has no interest in making sure they even have a home to come back to. I imagine its already positive reception will only grow in the coming years. It's easily one of the best things Netflix has ever distributed and one of the greatest American films of the century. Books should be written about this one.

You will not kill Paul.


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