Mortal Kombat

just not acceptable. horrendous. no sense of staging, atmosphere, momentum, god awful VFX, atrocious ADR, waste of genuine talent like Joe Taslim and the great Hiroyuki Sanada, pointless attempts at comedy that make it feel even cheaper (OVER 90 MILLION FOR THIS? fuck off). even the occasional interesting idea or fun sequence is cut to shit in editing. and the action elements have no idea of how to connect movements or choreography into a cohesive flow. and god, it should be so easy to make a Mortal Kombat movie work. you need a charming cast, an eye for atmosphere and action, just an excuse to go ham on sets and action set pieces. but nope. can't have shit. kano was fun in an obnoxiously cavalier way, like *he* knew what this movie should have been. it also feels like they only had interesting fight choreography planned for Sub-Zero. everything else is either milquetoast bullshit or just kills taken from the game.

you should also know there's no tournament in this, they try to do some clever reversal stuff where the locations from the movie are turned into tournament arenas. i actually don't hate that idea but that would be more impressive if the movie were, like, you know... good.

i probably shouldn't have expected this to be good but man, i could have used some big budget badassery. gotta toss on godzilla vs kong again for my mindless violence fix.

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