Life Is Beautiful ★★★★★

"¡Buenos días princesa! he soñado toda la noche contigo, íbamos al cine y tu llevabas aquel vestido rosa que me gusta tanto, solo pienso en ti princesa, pienso siempre en ti” 

After watching Schindler’s List a day ago I felt with the emotional need to follow up with a movie like La Vita é Bella and I’m glad I did it. I must say that I uncontrollably started crying by the final moments of this movie and my tears and emotions healed the inner part of me. 

Roberto Benigni’s most prized film and art piece was phenomenal in so many ways. This reminded me somehow of Cinema Paradiso, hell, Italians had great cinema back then. My experiences with this movie during its runtime is that I found myself laughing and crying at the same time during several moments. I can’t even imagine what happened on Benigni’s mind to pull off such miraculous yet tragic movie which shows how life can just be as pure and innocent as the mind of a child. This movie combined and mixed emotions such as happiness and sadness both almost at the same time. And to me this was masterfully achieved in a magnificent way. 

Life is beautiful, indeed.

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