Tarantula ★★½

The complete Clint Eastwood

When starting the complete Clint Eastwood filmography, I knew there was not much in the early stages of Clint's career, when he was $75 a week contract-actor at Universal that I was looking forward to. Tarantula looked very much like it would be the cheesy monster diamond in the talking mule / dreary costume drama rough.

Did it live up to expectations..? Not really. It's a monster movie that takes it's near entire run time to kick in to top gear and spends much of it's time idling in neutral. The opening is great, sweeping camera shot over a foreboding desert, a hideously deformed man staggers into view and quickly collapses and dies.

The next 60 minutes are just a bit dull. Leo G. Carroll shuffling vials around a lab, a boring romantic subplot, some off screen attacks. Fortunately the last twenty minutes with a marauding giant Tarantula attacking anyone it can lay it's grisly mandibles on are very entertaining. Who could want more than a giant tarantula squaring off against Clint in a fighter jet for a finale?

Final thought: If I was a giant tarantula, I'd perv through Mara Corday's window too...

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