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This review may contain spoilers.

Hooptober Cinco

"One of those boys was so crazy he sawed his own head off going 90 miles per hour."

The 12 year gap between Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 really brought a lot of changes to the horror genre. And I really appreciate that Hooper didn't attempt to copy the original, and instead took the series in a new direction. This fits in perfectly with the campy horror comedies of the mid to late 80's. Dennis Hopper has a chainsaw fight with Leatherface, how can you not love this movie? And the Savini makeup and special effects are killer.

Side note, it took until I looked this up on Letterboxd to realize that was Bill Moseley. It make sense that Rob Zombie would cast him in a very similar role 17 years later.