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  • The Bourne Identity

    The Bourne Identity

    i’ve been going around saying i have a problem with this movie because matt damon is too much of a golden retriever to be believable as a CIA assassin.....but HE IS A TOTAL DWEEB IN THIS MOVIE!! lol. the tension between damon’s natural awkward good-naturedness and the ruthless person he supposedly was before losing bis memory is crucial in preventing us from judging him for having been an assassin in the first place.

    also, this is way more unapologetic about…

  • Uncut Gems

    Uncut Gems

    the way my mom GASPED at the ending

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  • Fukuoka


    This movie is so rich and mysterious and haunted!! So spooky and languid and warm!! Easily my favorite of the year so far. During the Q&A after the screening, Zhang said that he “trusts spaces more than human beings,” because “humans can only experience the passage of time through memory.” I take this to mean that the camera, a nonhuman recording device, captures “time’s passage” in a more or less objective fashion, whereas a human being’s experience is not only…

  • Sentimental Reminiscence

    Sentimental Reminiscence

    Bold and honest and beautiful. It took me a minute to get in sync with this film's sincerity and simplicity, but I grew to admire its utterly un-flashy images. This is meditative in a way that more superficial films try and fail to attain.