Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★★★

let me tell ya, this thing was a fucking four cheese blend. mamma mia! in all honesty, i found Halloween Kills to be way more entertaining than Halloween, it's such a dramatic change in tone from the more serious 2018 sequel, which i'm all for because that one failed to leave an impression on me at all. Kills is violent, it's vicious, the characters iq's are real low, the body count is sky high and it's just a straight up GOOFY time. don't get me wrong, this movie is far from good, heck it's pretty bad most of the time, but it is undeniably fun. i liked the whole town mob idea even though it was executed kinda poorly, maybe it would have been a better idea for Halloween Ends, but it reminded me a lot of the residents of california banding together to capture "the night stalker" richard ramirez (but in this case they absolutely fail miserably). i liked the survivors of the OG michael myers massacre hanging/drinking at the bar every halloween night to honour those who were lost because i can totally see how you'd stay close with a group of people who have gone through the same fucked up trauma as you. i was totally fine with laurie being sidelined in this because she was badly injured in the previous film and she's fucking 60 years old. give her some time to rest the fuck up. i also kinda love how this 2nd entry is basically about nothing? michael just fucking slaughters a bunch of people and the townspeople want to michael fucking dead. that's it. that's the movie. Halloween Kills. i think david gordon green and danny mcbride just decided that "there's nowhere really for the story to go in this one because we're making a trilogy and we gotta save all the important stuff for the last film, so let's just have a weirdly paced story that introduces and jumps around to different characters and then michael kills a good portion of them. cool? cool."


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