2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★★

Travelled to Melbourne to watch this in 70mm; no regrets. It's a mark of how great this film is that every time I watch it, a different theme comes to the fore. This time, it was death that loomed; somehow, the similarity between the monolith and a tombstone had never occurred to me before, providing an end cap to one generation as the next begins, with deaths marking each side of the divide. Just one facet of a film that has so many, and whose artistry still stuns. That said, I did find in this viewing the slight fear that perhaps, for some, the magic of seeing space travel at such great length may be debased now that we've seen it so many times? Similarly, the videophone call feels slightly indulgent in length in the post-Skype era. Minor minor nitpicks, all of which are forgotten by the time JUPITER AND BEYOND THE INFINITE rolls around, and the positive reaction of the 25-year old I dragged along buoyed me in hoping that it can reach another generation, not just old fucks like me who saw it for the first time when graphical computer interfaces were sufficient to constitute science fiction.

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