Lux Æterna

Lux Æterna ★★★★½

The opening shot is a literary quotation that praises the joy an epileptic must feel before their fit. That this weird bit of fetishing disabled people is arguably the most offensive thing about Gaspar Noe's latest film is just the first of countless surprises. I would like to leave you to discover them, other than to say the following:

1) Epileptics, STAY THE FUCK AWAY.
2) This may be the funniest film I've seen at Cannes.
3) If cinema is Noe's religion, this is his religious studies textbook.
4) It's also his excavation of the core dilemma at the heart of cinema: you cannot ignore the legacy of pain and suffering upon which this industry is built, not just Weinstein raping his way across Cannes [note: no rape in this film] but the countless quotidian blows that women in particular take while trying to build the dreams of men. To love cinema is to love work made by forcing people to suffer.
5) The last ten minutes is one of the great cinema trips of all time.


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