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This review may contain spoilers.

So part of the reason it took me 33 years to get around to seeing a major film by one of my favourite directors is that I didn't really see how the basic conceit added up to a movie that was about anything much.

Somehow I managed to go 33 years without learning that THE FLY is about a woman stuck in a codependent relationship with her toxic ex who falls for a "nice guy", only for said nice guy to turn into a raving cokehead the minute he has the slightest pretext for jealousy, an addiction that swallows him whole.

I mean, it's also about flesh and grossout scenes and stuff, but if Cronenberg didn't draw on that idea for the film, Davis and Goldblum sure as shit drew on it for their performances.

Anyway, seeing this in a near-pristine 35mm print is one of my film highlights of a year that's had no shortage of life experiences on that front.