Upgrade ★★★½

Now that dozens of letterboxers have adopted Mike D'Angelo's "needlessly precise" 100 point scale, I hope a next generation will go further down the maths road and add other useful numerical measures. Because maxima and minima are just as important in understanding a qualitative experience, and a movie that oscillates between 100 and 0 is a wildly different experience than a movie that flatlines at 50, even if their average score is the same.

UPGRADE is probably a three star movie in a strict mathematical averaging, but its minima isn't that low (more "meh" than "ugh") and its maxima is stratospheric, the most fun I've had in a cinema this year. There's no denying the film's problems - a lot of the acting is a bit naff (though not Logan Marshall-Green, who's awesome), its ambition wildly exceeds its budget, it takes way too long to get off the ground - but when it takes giddy flight, hold on tight. It's bloody fun. And also bloody.

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