Us ★★★

Very VERY difficult to talk about without spoiling, but let me try. Peele is one majorly talented filmmaker, and I'm in for the long haul, but this really struggles with marrying the raw simplicity of the primal fear of its initial concept to the hefty and semi-bewildering symbolic baggage and massive exposition required, and said marriage comes at what feels like on a first viewing the massive expense of story and character logic. The result increasingly feels like a set of killer scenes bolted together with increasing tonal randomness - for a movie that begins with childhood trauma, it sure lets its characters joke about trauma in a lightweight way.

But what's good here is really really good. The attention to body movement and sound in performance, camera blocking, and killer lines of dialogue are particularly standout. If Peele can get his dramaturgy to flow in conjunction with his political message, he'll have an H-bomb on his hands.

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