La Flor ★★★★½

Arrows upwards, arrows downwards, arrows inwards, arrows circling. On representation, imagination and art, such a creative and honest work. Llinás use of depth of field is spectacular (no wonder there is even a direct Renoir homage here), layers of action always contributing to one another not only aesthetically but also narratively, colliding towards a sense of a hyperactive, constantly shifting conduction, making frequent curves and turns, a spectacular correlation between verbal narration and formal expression. There is so much beauty and so much humour but specially so much always being said. The most incredible thing here is how there seems to be a leading tonal voice that conducts everything (clearly Llinás), but also how this voice is constantly modulated and expanded with external and internal factors (the four main actresses and their relations with the director, the crew, procedural aspects, inner urges). Perhaps this is why the fourth episode is so utterly fascinating, easily the best one alongside the third one, which is also beyond words. It’s ultimately a film about cinema, about transposing a state of spirit to a flux of images, about the act of telling a story, about how personal and universal it all can be. Unforgettable.

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