Running on Karma

Running on Karma ★★★★★

'I hope there will be no more killings.'

Deeply spiritual, hauntingly mysterious work. Rushed, severely disjointed, all over the place, corny, non-sensical, irregular, gratuitous and a full-blown masterpiece. Lau as an ex-monk who becomes a bodybuilder after killing a sparrow and a karma-hunted Cheung who was a japanese soldier in her previous life meet in a neon lit city of lonely people and fall in love. A man unable to free his spirit from the material world and a woman who tries to do what's right even if she knows she is already doomed. The entire film flows like a weird dream, hazy and full of mysterious ellipses and a bizarre tone, angry and resentful, ambiguous and stoic, tortured and funny.

To have 20 hours together but to only profit from the last five minutes, to spend an extra minute holding hands, to paint your hair, to have your arm torn by the man you love, to seek revenge, to be devastated by the physicality that guides us through life, to eat a meal with friends, to have sex, to win a bodybuilding competition, to accept the burden of all the violence in the world. All the pleasure and all the suffering in the world come from the same place. Learning to let go of all that - but still holding on to a memory and a cigarette.