• The Stunt Woman

    The Stunt Woman


    Ann Hui’s versatility as a filmmaker is unparalleled. The Stunt Woman is some grippingly entertaining cinema and a real gem of a performance from Michelle Yeoh.

  • Visible Secret

    Visible Secret


    Visible Secret blends some beautiful elements of genre cinema and gets the best out of it—such an enthralling experience from Ann Hui.

  • Spaceman



    The Sandman was cooking here, but Spaceman sometimes went too deep for its good. The constricting motif was quite absorbing, but its uneven pacing takes you out of its trance.

  • Control



    Reality is only a dream, based on values and well worn principles, whereas the dream goes on forever.

    Ian Curtis

  • Lisa Frankenstein

    Lisa Frankenstein


    Lisa Frankenstein has its charm but needs a bit more of a bang. It is a very compelling coming-of-age story that certainly has an audience.

  • The Sweet East

    The Sweet East


    The Sweet East is a fine slice of grotty youth Americana. It's a wonderfully granulated experience that felt refreshing and lively.

  • Dune: Part Two

    Dune: Part Two


    The glorious spectacle of Denis Villeneuve's vision for Dune is unparalleled. It truly captures and immerses you in this world. But style over substance took the wind out of my sails.

  • National Theatre Live: Vanya

    National Theatre Live: Vanya


    Andrew Scott is a rare talent that deserves the world!

  • Flanders



    A unique deep dive into cynicism through a tranquil lens. Bruno Dumont digs deep into the countryside backdrop and shows the darker side of love.

  • This Is Me…Now

    This Is Me…Now


    Sublimely self-indulgent cinema of the most beautiful standards.

  • Bob Marley: One Love

    Bob Marley: One Love


    It is a paint-by-numbers biopic that ironically lacked the soul and spirit of Bob Marley’s music.

  • A Traveler's Needs

    A Traveler's Needs


    Hong Sang-soo's exploration of language, culture and travel is an ethereal delight. While language barriers can separate us, human bonds and connections serve a higher purpose. It's always a joy to see Sang-soo and Huppert reunited. A Traveler's Needs is an absolute joy.