Stand by Me ★★★★

This movie is and will continue to be incredibly important to me, and i’m so thankful for its existence. 

Stand by Me revolves around a group of friends went in search for the body of a death boy, their mere curiosity gradually changes into a journey through life that defines them as human beings. 

The story is much darker than I was expecting. as conflicts emerged on their way, it peels off personal stories that illuminate each of the kids’ characters. I was torn between these kids natural cheekiness and their building frustration over their place in the world. It is an evocative yet saddening glimpse of children gathering up strength and courage if it is ever recover from scarring emotional state exacerbated by the absence of the parental role in their life. It moved me emotionally like never before is a testament of its greatness, coming together in final scenes that transcends time. 

It doesn’t complete to write about Stand By Me without mentioning that it is a movie that put 15-year-old River Phoenix into stardom. That never comes near to nonsense as River did put pro performance here. His character feels me with a longing frustration that I couldn’t even begin to describe. The moral murkiness is far more appealing than uncomplicated heroism, and it’s a quality that makes him the story’s most relatable figure. Hollywood is a fortunate place to ever being highlighted by River Phoenixs infallible talent.

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