The Last Duel

The Last Duel ★★★½

Marton Csokas whispering “yes” at just the right moment made me guffaw so loudly. A top tier moment in cinema for 2021.

My mind wandered a handful of times in the later sections, but every time it did some scene or exchange drew me back in to challenge my perception of perspective even further. This is a purposefully messy text - but a provocative one at that. Behind the nuanced layers at play here are real-life corollaries to be drawn to the surface about some of the very people responsible for making this film.

A part of me feels at odds with a product of this size playing directly into a self-congratulatory evisceration of masculinity and the nature of possession in a world that is still too defined by patriarchal norms. But that complexity is also part of what makes this compelling.

I have a feeling essays are going to be written about this one some day.

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