The Vast of Night ★★★★

A month ago, my incredible fiancée asked me what, above all else, I wanted for my 30th birthday. I told her I simply wanted to be with the people I love most on this planet - my family and my friends.

In the pit of my stomach, I knew I wanted this quite desperately - but because of the living see-saw that the world under quarantine has become, I knew I shouldn’t set my expectations too high. I would’ve gladly taken rounds of video chats with these people I love most, all as a way of celebrating with them in some fashion.

So, when I opened my eyes at the Mission Tiki Drive-In Theater this evening, I truly couldn’t fathom that these incredible people had actually shown up to bring the joy in such a substantial way.

The fact that we were there to see a film about the connections we make during uncertain and mysterious times was the icing on the proverbial cake. I didn’t know that kind of poetry existed in the first place.

I literally can’t imagine a better way to bring in the next decade. This was a day I’ll be thinking about for a very long time.

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