Phantom Thread ★★★★★

Woven with perfection, Paul Thomas Anderson delivers one of his most spectacular films yet. "Phantom Thread" brings astounding performances and a tension building relationship that grows from tender affection to vicious love.

Daniel Day-Lewis once again knocks it out of the park with his spellbinding performance as Reynolds Woodcock, a fashion designer and perfectionist who follows a detailed routine in order to stay in his logistical and creative mindset. However, his performance as astounding as it is, goes toe to toe with the vibrant and devilish, Vicky Krieps who plays the new lover to Woodcock, Alma. The two when they first meet to their final moments onscreen together share exhilarating chemistry, their first encounter is sensual, detailed and incredibly engaging. As the film progresses that relationship goes through tremendous ups and downs that only Paul Thomas Anderson captures so uniquely but so relatively relatable too.

Paul Thomas Anderson has always created interesting, fresh new worlds for these characters to inhabit. The way he takes the story and characters into fascinating and different, almost unexpected directions makes for the type of film that is change in very creative and refreshing ways. Not to mention, the camerawork is astounding in this, especially with how everything is shot in the House of Woodcock and all of London during this 1950's time period, every movement and action within the frame bounces with color and or leads to something masterfully visual. Johnny Greenwood turns in his finest work yet with his soothing and often beautiful orchestrated score that also aides in carrying the films themes and story.

"Phantom Thread" is one of Paul Thomas Anderson's greatest films yet and he continues to grow ever more fascinating with each new entry. As for Daniel Day-Lewis's last performance here, it is a great sendoff with such a captivating film that hollers back to old Hitchcock work and 1960's romance thrillers. One of the Best Films of 2017, hands down.