Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★

I rewatched this in the right time of my life, maybe? I’m not even sure.

“Inside Llewyn Davis” is not completely a typical coen brothers film, the humor and the dialogue is still there, but the film aims to be something else. Trying to be honest with the world. I love the songs in this film and how they connect with the main character and the characters around him. Everything with the cat was lovely obviously and the performances are also really...honest. The look of the film has a more dark, hopeless appearance that might took me out of the film the first time I watched it. I didn’t expect to see such a gritty, cold and dark film by the coen brothers. I can see people really disliking this film and I understand that.

Do I love this film? I dunno, but I’m moved by it I can tell you that

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