Synecdoche, New York

Synecdoche, New York ★★★★★

There are just a few movies that are as meaningful to me as Synecdoche, New York. A film that solidified my personal need to be creative and productive, while I, for the first time in my naive life, thought about themes like death and asked myself what is important for my life. Does that sound pretentious? In some ways it is and many criticize this film for being so. The difference is I think the way of subtlety and honesty the film touches all those themes is more than note-worthy.

I think it’s a highly complex, detailed and incredibly honest film that shines with utterly brilliance and marks without any doubt the high point of the art form of moving pictures. Endlessly ambiguous and a film that is designed to flop. I highly distrust anyone who watches this film for their first time and already claim to see all of its genius. Not because it’s a film that is “better than anything else”, in a pretentious sense, but because it’s a film that is designed to be watched twice and is nearly impossible to “understand” fully on first viewing. For example, does everyone notice it on their first viewing when Caden flips through the newspaper the dates change rapidly without a cut of time and the scene being an introduction of the theme “time” or even “waste of life”? I doubt that and there are many more highly detailed and easily missable details in this film that just are equally as mind-bending.

However, I don’t doubt that people go out of their first viewing and being in love with this film. Fully understanding and fully being emotionally touched are two completely different things that are shared in this art form. A film can be complex, on paper smart and be visually stunning, but lacks honesty and emotions. Sometimes certain movies just don’t speak to you the way it does to others and I don’t blame them for that. This film will challenge you and the only thing I ask you to do is to give this film a second viewing.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, if I have to pick “the best film ever made” I would’ve to decide between 2001: A Space Odyssey and Synecdoche, New York. This is a film that gives you at the end the impression of having experienced the whole life of a different unknown person. Just a “little person”. In a sense, it gives me the impression that this could’ve been the last film I’m going to watch in my life and I would be okay with that. Yes, it is about death and yes it’s absolutely a depressing and devastating watch, but there are just a few movies that come to my mind that are also this beautiful, emotional and meaningful, while being all around warm and hopeful. It’s astonishing how such a sad film can also evoke such emotions of happiness and hope (for me). Every person works differently, but when I feel sad or had an awful day I watch Synecdoche, New York to feel warm inside again.

That’s why we love movies. That’s why we watch movies. That’s why we talk about movies. It’s an escape of reality. Movies represent our identity. That’s who we are. Our every day life, our interests, our relationships, our career goals. The missteps, the mistakes, grief. Everything is represented in movies. The music we love, our dream man, our dream woman. The house we want to live in, the country we want to visit one day. It’s not rocket science, it’s emotions and when we feel lonely, and we all do, we put in our favorite movie from our childhood. Back to the Future 2. Rocky 4. Some Arnold Schwarzenegger or Silvester Stallone film. Some Italian exploitation film. The horror film you were scared from and don’t mind nowadays. That’s what movies mean to me.

And that’s why I’m in this community of film-lovers. And I’m happy to be in this community. I’m thankful for reading my reviews, I really am. Thank you for the 1000 followers

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