The Counselor

The Counselor ★★

Rewatch, debating whether the good second half makes up for the aimlessly awful first half of The Counselor and I came to the conclusion that I just simply do not care. I don’t know, if it was McCarthy’s script or Ridley Scott’s interpretation of it that simply fails, but after a rewatch I must say, both.

Ridley Scott just simply doesn’t fit to the No Country... style and for some reason the “philosophical” dialogue (when you start dealing with illegal stuff you end up getting killed, duh) didn’t work at all and made this mediocrity even more pretentious. McCarthy’s philosophical dialogue can work (hence why No Country... is one of the best films of all time), but his screenwriting debut feels aimless. Multiple times I was just lost during the dialogue, even though I still understood everything:

This isn’t a confusing film, the story sometimes just leaves questions open and tries to deliver tension through basically...the premise of a lawyer trying to make 21 million dollars, but it doesn’t work. The origin of the confusion for me is that the dialogue should build-up tension and conflict? It simply doesn’t here, it just doesn’t. McCarthy’s debut feels like an amateur script, it might be well written, but eh.

...and the film looks ugly as hell. Too dark, too fake (even the blood) and meaningless. It looks like a B-type drug dealer film, what a waste of a brilliant writer and cast. What a disaster.

But I really like the second half of this film to an extent. Finally the plot decides to move forward, but you quickly realize that it’s nothing remotely special. The first half completely fails to build-up the “philosophical questions” and made them completely meaningless instead. A couple of good performances (Cameron Diaz is awful in this) and I like the truck storyline a lot too.

No idea what went wrong, but it should’ve been so so so so so much better

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