The Double Life of Véronique

The Double Life of Véronique ★★★★

An experience about emotions, through colors and death. Through music and internal conflict. Krzysztof Kieślowski’s highly spiritual film about feelings and the uncertainty of our existence. A film that explores the idea of the feeling of not being alone in the world, without any complete logical story-telling in some sense. Anyone who’s trying to decipher its plot won’t be experiencing the film fully, but invites them to a second and more fulfilling watch.

There’s a certain scene in this where Kieślowski relies fully on emotions and avoiding any explanation why a certain character decides to do what she’s doing. But we know how the character feels and that’s enough. Any other film would’ve explained to us the reasons. They’re unknown, but we acknowledge them unconsciously.

Kieślowski fully trusts the audience’s cleverness and openness for emotions. He isn’t interested so much in the plot-point then the emotions surrounding the story-beats. It’s a colorful, beautiful looking film with multiple color-pallets complementing each other perfectly. Acknowledging the potential sadness in life, but also the idea of “living in the moment”.

I’ve seen a ton of films, but just a few films achieved to stay with me, freezing moments into a mesmerizing frame; The image of Veronique standing in the rain, the sun shining on her and enjoying fully the moment; The image of the camera flying over the concert-hall in the audience with the mesmerizing music; The image of the turned-around snow-globe in the train. (EDIT: It’s interesting how my memory failed here, both times. But it fits perfectly to the film that feel like a forgotten dream that you just woke up from)

It’s impossible to talk about The Double Life of Véronique without making the film sound, corny, manipulative and pretentious. The reason behind it is simple, words can’t convey the emotions of images and music. This is a special film everyone will experience differently, and even I have the feeling that I haven’t got the full experience out of this. You can’t unravel a Kieślowski film and that’s all you need to know before going into this magical film

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