The Empty Man

The Empty Man ★★½

I really liked this. However, the problem isn’t the directing (it’s genuinely worth the hype - short: great!), but the mess of a screenplay this is. The Empty Man then suddenly tries to be more than a truly idiotic idea at the end. It all collapses what the film did build-up with its in detail storytelling. There are some complains that this film is too long, but I think the real issue is how this film uses its runtime. Not enough character-study, not enough character depth and it still tries to blow away the audience by the end.

A movie that screams “cult-following” on every corner, but this could’ve been so so much more, if it took the ambitious time and tried to make this more compact. The ending is incredibly painful to watch, not because of the topic, but because you realize how much potential this had

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