The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★

This is hard to review. Went into this with enormous expectations, maybe even too high expectations. The Holy Mountain is without any doubt one of the most unique and stunning movies ever created with plenty social commentaries and characters. But every character is portraying more an idea of a character than being an actual character. I personally need at least one character I can relate to, to really sympathize with the journey and world the film is building up, but the film gave me none.

I think it’s safe to say now that I’m not a huge fan of movies, where it’s clear that the filmmakers took drugs, while making their movies. I can see the genius in this film, for example painting multiple stunning portraits just for one single scene, the ridiculous amount of animals and symbols in every frame or the beautiful camera-movements, but I again fail to connect with an “arthouse” movie and this feels sometimes just unnecessarily pervers (and I don’t care, if that’s *the* point honestly).

A drug-filled journey with many themes, social-commentary and stunning cinematography, but ultimately I’m just impressed how something this insane could’ve been funded and maybe that’s why so many love this

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