The Vast of Night ★★½

“The Vast of Night” is very much trying to be a long twilight zone episode and it’s definitely can be seen as just a chilling mystery experience. It’s a film that you watch when you have nothing else to do and this film works perfectly fine for that, but is it a good film? Absolutely not.

From the beginning on you’ll notice that this film comes across as more unique and stylish than other films that came out in 2020. I was actually impressed how well those one shot sequences work in the film. The characters might be a bit into your face, but they’re still very enjoyable and the story begins very interesting. I really enjoyed listening to their conversations and it felt really like a radio talk show film. And then the mystery begins...

And at the beginning I was so ready for it, the one shot call center scene is pretty great and original and you really want to see in which direction this film goes. Sadly it got more and more obvious that this is a directorial debut. I went into this film knowing nothing about it, but it was still very noticeable for me that it’s a directorial debut. Doesn’t mean that’s necessarily a bad thing, but you can clearly see how the filmmakers actually struggled with the dialogue and the editing. The editing itself is HORRIBLE. It’s simply HORRIBLE and I’m not exaggerating. They had simply no idea how to edit this film. It took me out of the film several times.

The story itself turns into a simple “look in the sky” story, that is simply uninspired, slow and you can clearly see how MUCH they’re trying to do a good film. It very much feels like a screenplay that people liked and they allowed them to make a film. The story got more and more thinner and the ending was just *there*. No surprises, no twist, no pay-off.

It’s simply not a film with any rewatch value. It might be a nice film to watch one night, but even the one shot scenes could completely bore a lot of people. I personally liked them, because during those scenes there was no bad editing. Sometimes the filmmakers sadly didn’t have the balls to just let the camera stand there during the scenes, probably because the dialogue wasn’t good or interesting enough, and they suddenly had to interrupt the scene with some horrible editing again that gives us no informations whatsoever.

“The Vast of Night” begins promising, with good camera work, with nice dialogue and the call center scene was impressive and fun to watch. But the rest? Not really good at all

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