WandaVision ★★

My reason why I think Wandavision isn’t that much of a good show. It’s a tedious, painfully unfunny and expository show that gets worse by every single episode (except episode 9, which is by far the most balanced episode, still not a good ending). The mystery is a surface level, unsubtle mess that avoids any risks and relies on exposition dialogue even episodes after a certain twist or turn. Unnatural “characters” that just exist to tick off the “mcu formula” characters, for example the bad, dumb military/CIA/government (etc.) man that doesn’t understand the situation and blatantly just wants to kill a certain character, because y’know, he’s so arrogant, right!. Painfully cliche character arcs and dialogue that is just simply meaningless, even worse, mentioning the so “mature” themes every third sentence in the later episodes, because they’re so meaningful and mature!. Not all flaws apply to the first episodes, which is a big reason why the first half of this is far more interesting, even though it has some flaws of each own.

One of the most offensive aspects about this show are the parts where a certain villain is speaking in a deep villain voice, because hey look how bad I am! and completely missing the potential to explore more this character as a victim of loss and grief. The other offensive part is the painful attempt of humor that was, in my opinion, incredibly even in the Avengers movies. This cutting back and forth from reality to a sit-com is a strange change of pace and tone and this is one of the biggest problems of this show. This show has barely any atmosphere.

The first couple of episodes, even though unfunny in their attempt to create humor, are a nice new touch that we haven’t seen before in the MCU. The episodes were short enough, but also interesting enough on a visual aspect. In fact, most episodes are visually really good, even though I can’t make friends with faces that look far too digital. Also in my opinion many of the performances lack nuance and depth, which makes most characters incredibly one-dimensional. The use of a certain twist in episode 7 has some of the cheapest build-ups of a twist for a while. For marvel fans, that read comics or watched the endless theories (which I’ve not), this twist was probably not surprising, but that’s not the problem for me. This twist comes from a bland character that couldn’t have been more irrelevant to the entire show so far, but every Disney product needs somehow a villain.

Episode 1 was fine, the Sy Ableman chocking part is still my favorite part of the show (and no for God’s sake it’s not even remotely Lynch). Episode 2 was fine, more dreadful in its approach of humor. The mystery aspect got too on-the-nose. Episode 3 has some of the worst writing of this show. Half of the episode is still unfunny and the other half is the most unsubtle use of “mystery” that I’ve seen for a while. It’s trying too hard to go the “something is wrong” route and it simply doesn’t work. Episode 4 was...uhhh, I already forgot? I believe it’s the one where new characters get introduced. Anyway that episode is an exposition dumb in the worst way, it explains everything we’ve seen blatantly again, what’s wrong with trusting the audience for a change? Episode 5 is even worse...anyway you get the idea. Don’t even get me started how tedious and fucking stupid episode 8 is. It legitimately felt like a mcu parody episode. Episode 9 was fairly fine though, but I definitely feel the possible disappointment that comes with the ending of this episode.

This show gets more and more uninteresting, some episodes are barely even needed and some ways to give us “subtle” informations about certain characters fall flat. Like I was rolling my eyes when a commercial was talking about illusions in the sixth or seventh episode. The most admirable aspect about the sit-com part was how the camera movements and style of the episodes, filmmaking-wise, change. Besides that, on a filmmaking perspective is this show more than bland and simply boring. Writing-wise it’s even worse, but I’ve explained why I think the writing simply sucks.

Themes that blatantly get spoken out during the dialogue, characters and character-arcs that couldn’t be more cliche, surface-level mystery that tries to be more than it is, expository dialogue in basically every scene that isn’t part of a sit-com, a too digital camera look and very mediocre performances create a mediocre, awkwardly unfunny and overlong theme park ride called Wandavision

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