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  • The Double Life of Véronique
  • Lawrence of Arabia
  • Blade Runner
  • Superman

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  • Top Gun: Maverick


  • The Little Hours


  • The Valet


  • Blockers


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  • Top Gun: Maverick

    Top Gun: Maverick

    "The future's coming and you're not in it."

    There's this great Lou Reed line that I think goes something like: I don't like nostalgia unless it's mine. It's a funny line, right? It's also appropriate in this instance because Joseph Kosinski's spit polished, but decades late follow up to the late great Tony Scott's distillation of the 1980s into a fighter jock actioner both is and isn't my nostalgia. On the one hand my Big Brother I were aviation nerds,…

  • The Little Hours

    The Little Hours

    "Eating blood. Do you think I’ve ever written down eating blood before? Where am I?"

    Utterly disinclined to front on this one and still haven't stopped chuckling so I'll just say right up top that Jeff Baena's aggressively anachronistic Decameron extracted black comedy would have had to have gone wrong in more ways than it would frankly be easy to imagine for it not to have landed at least somewhere in the vicinity of a thing designed for me specifically…

Popular reviews

  • Prey


    "Next time, you cook."

    Right off, I am gonna strongly recommend that you once again give thanks to the angrier gods of cinema for the fact that the going generation of filmmakers rebelled against the old critical establishment’s disdain for the overtly polished looks of the work of directors like Scott and Mann. It will seem odd that I started there until you actually sink your teeth into this, but once you do, you'll see for yourself how much of…

  • Zodiac



    Once upon a time a literal boogie man stalked Northern California, killing some of his victims with guns and at least one with a butcher knife, some while he was dressed in plain clothes, at least one while dressed in a masked-hooded costume. He killed at least five people but no one really knows for sure, because he may never have been fully identified and he was definitely never arrested. His crimes inspired at least two of the most widely…