Paris, Texas

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This review may contain spoilers.

Idk about this one. So much to love and I did find myself loving it at some points, but when you look past the pensive and beautiful shots of the vast desert and Harry dean stanton’s face, and the (manipulatively?) tear jerking confession at the end that seems to be all anyone talks about, all that’s left it’s a man who spirals into despair and drags his family down with him, tearing them apart. He “fixes” it, and runs away again. Not to mention the explicit age gap between him and Jane just making it clearer how abusive he was. Sure I guess he made amends, but there will still be that damage done that will never go away, not to mention how Walt and Anne were also grief stricken because of him. (What ever happened to them anyway?) I think it would’ve worked better from the point of view of literally any other character. Made me feel a bit sick to feel so much sympathy for him only for his confession to make me realize he really just brought this on himself.

Really is a good movie unless you think about it too hard. And filmmaking like this invites further thought so it sucks that it makes it worse.

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