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non-spoiler review: watch que horas ela volta? (2015) dir. anna muylaert instead

SPOILER review: visually beautiful but to what effect? alfonso cuarón seems to successfully recreate a fully fleshed out world within a specific time period but it ends up feeling like an empty shell because there is no actual life in it. long take after long take, there are no emotions on display and nothing to really connect to until almost the very end (the birth scene and the beach scene that seems to be what everyone takes away from this). there's maybe two shots that get any closer than a medium shot since cuarón is intent on having as much simultaneous action shown as possible and how can i be expected to connect to characters with so much physical distance between us? not only that but i could go on in detail about how the complexity of the long takes eventually became annoying because they constantly drew attention to themselves rather than the story. yalitza aparicio does amazingly well with what she's given but it's a shame her talent was wasted on what really just felt like a showcase for alfonso cuarón's technical directing and cinematography skills. and this isn't even touching the complete lack of any kind of attempt to comment on the race and class relations inherent in a story like this beyond the thin surface level

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