A Nightmare on Elm Street ★★★★½

The one that started it all....

If I have to go back to where my sick love for the horror genre comes from, I always return to Freddy.

By no means a perfect film, but the power of the villain is simply irresistible. The genius lies in the fact that Freddy simply is the definitive version of the bogeyman. Always there, lurking in the dark, waiting to strike, a presence of intangible evil.

What I love about this film is that it takes away the only safe haven people have, their dreams. That's a smart move as that's an instant fear monger. You can lock your doors for an escaped psychopath, but a hideous creature that stalks your dreams is most terrifying and makes you feel powerless.

Everything about this film has by now proven to be iconic in the genre and this film simply hasn't been rivalled by its contemporaries nor its sequels.

I first saw this film when I was far too young, but I'll be honest with you it still scares me and makes me uncomfortable, especially when I'm getting ready to go to sleep.

And that's all any good horror film needs to do.

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