A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place ★★★

This could have been absolutely brilliant, but it unfortunately isn't.

Most good things start with a good idea and there is no doubt that Krasinski's conceit is a great one. A premise filled with so much potential to create a truly iconic and harrowing horror movie.

But its execution never matches the quality of its ideas. And ironically enough its biggest problem is sound.

Don't get me wrong, this is raised above mediocrity because of the talent involved. The acting is outstanding, especially Blunt whose presence is something to be in awe of. Krasinski's world building and pacing are great as is his capacity to make brush stroke characters appealing and come across as actual human beings. He also manages to create a couple of tense scenes that are actually tense for the right reasons, because of in-film reasons that are plot driven.

The problem is that this film too often relies on factors that are external to create tension. Most notably through the use of an annoying soundtrack and loud noise driven jump scares. It baffles me to read so many people hailing this as an innovative, groundbreaking horror film as its foreshadowing-riddled, often poorly scripted plot churns out one generic genre choice after the other.

The truly annoying thing is that A Quiet Place actually could have been exceptional had the choices fuelling the exexution been creative or ballsy enough to actually be different. How about no soundtrack? How about actually playing with the absence of sound and trying to find tension there? How about not showing the creature? Having a brilliant idea falls flat on its face when the way you choose to present it holds no surprises whatsoever.

A Quiet Place is solid but in the end completely unremarkable.

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