Big Hero 6 ★★★★

Let me get one thing straight. There is no Marvel story structure or whatever you want to call it. There is a story structure Marvel uses a lot, both in their comics and their films. It is a structure done to death in about 99% of big, commercial animation movies. Don't blame Marvel for everything that's wrong in the movie industry, blame God Money who rules us all.

Now, this is not 'The Avengers for kids' (which to my surprise is in the actual synopsis of this film on this very site), if anything it's How to Train your Baymax and I mean that in the best way possible.

There are hardly any truly original mainstream animation films. They have all glued themselves to the 'Hero must overcome great odds to discover something about life, him/herself etc.'. Big Hero Six is no different, with perhaps the welcome exception that the protagonist here actually takes hold of the reins pretty fast and chases his goal with determination instead of ineptitude. So plotwise, it breaks no molds whatsoever. It's fairly predictable and never goes right where you'd want it to go left.

The visuals are great (I saw this in 3D which I, surprisingly, enjoyed) as is the design of the universe it has created. The characters look like any other Pixar/Disney film, which on the one hand fits comfortably but on the other betrays the 'safe mode' approach to aesthetics. All this, I expected. In fact I hardly notice them anymore. If I look at the big commercial successes in computer animated movies of the last couple of years I see an almost indistinguishable blur of identical pixels and interchangeable plots.

Nope, I remember these films by how much fun i had with them. And boy did I have fun with Big Hero 6.

Look at that poster. If you think that what you're looking at is the retarded cousin of the Michelin Man, you'll probably not get anything out of this film. To me, Baymax is a star. I absolutely loved him and loved the way the directors found some absolutely hilarious physical comedy in his design. There was an actual scene that had me in tears from laughter (the sellotape scene. Pure genius). If that click happens, what you're in for is a smooth and fast ride filled with some proper funny moments and some fantastic action sequences. And even though the characters are dime a dozen, the connection Hiro makes with Baymax somehow became palpable and worked for me, mainly because Baymax is an amazing creation.

So in short, any criticism flung this film's way in terms of a lack of guts and originality is valid. I just don't care. I had fun. So there.