Captain Marvel ★★★★

I watched this with my 'I don't use social media in any way, shape or form' friend. I informed him about the cries of feminist propaganda and testosterone induced outrage on said platforms.

He didn't believe me.

So I pointed him towards this very site and the comments many reviews (my purposefully stupid previous review included) elicited. And we just shrugged and talked some more about how much we liked the movie. Something that seems to get lost underneath the rubble.

Before I discuss the actual film, let's get something out of the way. If you don't like Brie Larson, fine. Have at it. If you feel she has no right to use her role in this film to promote the position of women in a predominantly male genre/industry, fuck off, she has every right.

Larson gives life to a character that has its roots in the late sixties/early seventies and has been a firm favourite in my comic book upbringing. Carol Danvers has always been a powerhouse of a character, first called Ms. Marvel (and yes, that was a direct link to feminism in the 70s) and later reincarnating as Captain Marvel. The funny thing is that when you read the early comics from the 70s, Danvers is often busy with fighting for equal rights. She was always a strong character and I love that Larson completely ran with it and made her fiesty, confident bordering on arrogant and a complete bad ass.

I've read many people complain that they were lost in the opening act and I'm rather confused about that. So many critics bitch and complain about the Marvel template, about the rehashing of the same story all over again. Now here we have an origin story that messes with the story line and doesn't want to do it chronologically and assumes some viewer intelligence to piece together what we're watching and now this is a problem? Right. I'm not saying this pushes the boundaries of storytelling, but at least it doesn't take its viewers for granted.

We can keep complaining about this franchise 'taking over the industry' and whatnot and this is definitely going on, but it is a fact we'll have to deal with. So instead of complaining about it, I choose to focus on what these films intend to do and that is to entertain and provide a healthy dose of escaping the real world for a bit. And in that regard Captain Marvel delivers the goods. Larson is perfect, Jackson is sublime, their chemistry is even better and Mendelsohn basically steals the film. The narrative tries to be a bit of a break from the norm and is actually paced really well, making this feel like one of the brisker outings in the MCU.

What I do have problems with is how some of the action is handled and I'm afraid this is due to the choice of directors. They are definitely responsible for the strong character work as that is what they are good at judging from their filmography. But the action sometimes feels flat, especially the large scale sequences.

All in all, this is simply a really enjoyable film that introduces one of the greatest characters in the Marvel canon in a way that does justice to the character and what it stands for without taking itself too seriously.