Dogtooth ★★★★

The matter-of-factness with which the bizarre and morally reprehensible events that take place in this film are portrayed is what makes it one of the most disturbing, yet engrossing, films I have ever seen.

This is a film about manipulation, power and fear. The parents of the three children (especially the father) have manipulated their children in such a way that they can have total control over their children's physical and mental impulses. They fear the outside world and have created a unique world within their house with its own language and set of rules. What makes it so captivating is the fact the you're watching a universe with rules you don't understand. This feeling for me was only strengthened by the fact that the film is in Greek, a language that sounds completely alien to me. The only thing you do know is that we're dealing with humans here and that human nature is unpredictable. This is what eventually spurs this film on to its inevitable and disturbing final act.

In that final act this film crosses the boundaries of what is morally acceptable a couple of times. Somehow I wasn't as offended as I probably should have been as I felt it never strayed from the rules it had set itself from the start. Having said that it really is a hard film to digest as it is intolerably cruel towards its characters.

I hesitate to recommend this film, but if you, like me, don't mind having your sensitivities challenged I urge you to seek this film out.

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