Don't Breathe

Don't Breathe

With a title and a premise like that it might have been a good idea to actually explore it to its fullest instead of slavishly following all the genre tropes imaginable without any spark of creativity whatsoever.

There actually is a huge amount of potential here, potential that is reached in perhaps one or two scenes. The scene where the (ludicrously inept) burglars get chased in the dark is exemplary of how infuriatingly beige this film is. That scene is fantastic. It actually manages to capture what the blurb and title evoke, a sense of dread in the dark.

But no, that scene is just a snippet in a series of uninspired sequences without any real tension and with the pretense that if you abstain from any moral you can get away with anything. Don't get me wrong, I rarely have any problem with that, but what with the symbolic lady-bug wankism and the feeble attempts to make us care about what are basically a bunch of idiots who are willing to rob a blind man, everything just feels uneven and gratuitous.

Stephen Lang does his best to give life to what could have been a fantastic antagonist, but he's diminished to stumbling in the dark much like the ridiculously meandering plot, trying to shoot but missing most of the time.

I'm glad Don't Breathe apparently did a lot for many people, I'm just really not one of them.

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