Drive ★★★★★

Even after rewatching it for the third time, I still don't really know how to start describing how much I love this film. Every once in a while a film is made in which just everything seems to work. I have thought long and hard, but I just cannot fault this film.

Why then? Well, for me, for the most part it's Gosling. His portrayal of a soft spoken, introvert stunt-driver who desperately tries to keep violence out of his life and control over himself is nothing short of amazing. He does not need words to express himself, it's all there, in his face, his eyes, a truly amazing performance. Especially because he makes you care for his character and that´s what makes his inevitable downward spiral into violence all the more convincing.

Another thing is the whole feel of the film. It just feels like an homage to days gone by, when, in films like this, the pace was slow and steady, the dialogue sparse and the violence brutal. It doesn't feel the need we so often see these days to up the tempo to serve the action. The score, the cars, the clothes, everything adds to the overall sensation of it being from, let's say, the late seventies, early eighties.

Now, the plot has been done to death, but that really doesn't matter. This film isn't about plot, it's about something even better. It's about the feeling you get when you just know that you're watching something extraordinary. It's about total submergence into a great piece of art.

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