Manchester by the Sea

Manchester by the Sea ★★★★★

Ever had a lump stuck in your throat for 2 hours?

Ever held in a scream you wanted to scream but couldn't because you were afraid you couldn't stop?

Ever seen an actor not acting, not performing, just being?

Ever seen a director do his utmost to tear out your soul, stomp on it only to rebuild it in the most bitter sweet way imaginable?

Ever lost someone, wanting them back so badly, living becomes a chore?

Ever grieved?

Ever felt so much love and responsibility it becomes unbearable?

Manchester by the Sea shows us a life, a real life, in all its ugly beauty. It uses the power only the most exemplary pieces of art possess, the power to confront, to resonate and to emote and it does so with restraint and respect.

To me, the utter humanity of it all makes this film a singular masterpiece. I allowed its weight to wash over me, to take in the unbelievable performances only to end up feeling grateful to have been part of this gut wrenching glimpse into a tortured soul.

Allow this film in and you'll have an extraordinarily humbling experience.

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