Perfect Blue ★★★★½

Film #100 of Make me watch your favourite.
Recommended by James Haves.

After having seen most of Kon's filmography now, I can only conclude he was one of the most gifted storytellers to ever work in film.

Perfect Blue is yet another intriguing and powerful exploration of the human psyche, this time in the guise of a complex thriller. Kon weaves a tale around a superbly written female protagonist that not only serves as a vessel for some social commentary about Japanese teen pop culture but also as our eyes and ears into a young girl's faltering mind as pressure, expectations and self doubt take over her world.

The layered and complex narrative bobs and weaves through reality and fantasy in a such a way that it never compromises on clarity. This makes it intriguing and compelling. It does all this in just 80 minutes which means that there is hardly any static in the plot, always making the right twists and turns at the exact right time. I was also very impressed by the fact that Kon wasn't afraid to confront his audience with a couple of disturbing scenes. It added a seriousness to the film the story needed.

This is an animated film, which is completely and utterly beside the point. It is a film first, telling such an engrossing story in such an impressive way that it makes its format completely superfluous.

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